Campus Security Authority


Campus Security Authority

What is a Campus Security Authority (CSA)?

Campus Security Authorities are those individuals, offices or departments whose functions involve significant responsibility with students and campus activities as well as those designated by UCCS as positions to whom crimes should be reported. Some examples of UCCS' CSAs include: Public Safety police officers, dispatchers, security guards and student Parking Enforcement Officers, Residence Life, Athletic coaches, Dean of Students, Advisors to student clubs and organizations, Building managers, First Year Experience office, etc. For example, a dean of students who oversees student housing, a student center, or student extra-curricular activities, has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. Similarly, directors of athletics, team coach, and faculty advisor to a student group also have significant responsibility for student and campus activities. A single teaching faculty member is unlikely to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, except when serving as an advisor to a student group. A physician in a campus health center or a counselor in a counseling center whose only responsibility is to provide care to students are unlikely to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities. Also clerical and food service staff are unlikely to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities.

This broad definition of who is considered to be a CSA is significant - it recognizes that oftentimes the first person a survivor of crime discloses to is someone he or she knows well and trusts. The response of the first person receiving this disclosure may determine whether or not the survivor feels supported and impacts the decisions he or she makes moving forward. 

The function of a Campus Security Authority is to document and report, to UCCS Police; allegations of crimes that he or she concludes were made in good faith.

The criminal offenses that we are required to disclose are murder/non-negligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, sex offenses (rape/sodomy/sexual assault w/object/fondling and non-forcible incest and statutory rape), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, hate crimes, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, liquor law violations, drug violations and/or illegal weapons possession.

We are required to disclose offenses that occur on campus, in residence facilities, in non-campus property and on public property.

Campus Security Authorities are to use the UCCS Crime Statistics Reporting Form to report crimes, however; it is preferable that UCCS Police be contacted at (719) 255-3111.

As a CSA, you serve a very important role to our campus. You are here to help others, your fellow students and staff, and you must understand that your role goes beyond just a legal obligation. When a victim or survivor reports a crime to you, you become a first responder, that reporting person places their trust in you, the person with whom they share their story. Victims and survivors deserve compassion. They should be provided with clear information about resources and understand their options moving forward.  You have a responsibility to help that person with their reporting options.